Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are your boots made?
A. Our boots and jackets are made in Leon, Guanajuato. Leon is well known as the “leather capital of North America” and forms a key part of the Bajío region of Central Mexico. Our offices are in historic Guanajuato City, about 45 minutes away.

Q. What happens if my boots don’t fit?
A. We are happy to exchange unworn boots for a different size – as long as you have only tried them on indoors. We have a U.S. address for receiving returns.
Email us and we’ll get you the specifics.

Q. Why do you want to know my size? Aren’t your boots “Custom” ?
A. Our boots come in a great number of sizes and widths, along with a variety of shaft sizes. This gives us hundreds of different combinations. Our boots are made from a set of patterns and “lasts”. (Lasts are the foot shaped forms that determine the size and fit of the finished boot). We do have hundreds of combinations of size, width, and calf circumference!

The best indicator of what will fit you is the size you normally wear. People with the same measurements can wear different sizes based on the shape of their feet, and the amount of snugness that they find comfortable. (Also, we can’t be sure that every customer measures their feet with the same degree of precision.)

Q. Why bother with measurements?
A. The measurements aren’t 100% necessary. If you always wear the same size in most brands that’s great! Our sizes are based on the average size of US/Canadian brands. However, if sometimes you wear a 9 and sometimes a 9 1/2, we can use your measurements as a tie-breaker. Also, seeing the length of your foot, vs. the width of your foot, will tell us the proportion of your foot and we can determine the width you need. Some customers who have always bought “off-the-shelf” shoes and boots, may be wearing a larger size than they need, but in the wrong width. We like to get as much information as possible to get you the best fit!!!

Q. What payment options do you accept?
A. We process most of our payments through PayPal.
Even if you don’t have an account with them they can securely process credit card payments. We never see your card number.
If you prefer not to pay online, you can send a money order to our US distributor. Contact us for details.

Q. I’m outside the USA. What are the taxes and duties to send to my country?
A. Every country has different rules and regulations.
You probably know more about them than we do!
We’ll be happy to provide any information we can about the construction or materials of the boots, but you are responsible for the process of importing the boots to your country.